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Argylle (2024) 

English Skating in oil! A meta espionage action whirlwind with many incredible twists and turns. Matthew Vaughn takes the viewer for a ride on several levels and yet it's seamlessly coherent and everything makes perfect sense in the end, no matter how absurd the genre crutch. Sam Rockwell is terrific, and the train fight with the Henry Cavill shootout is brilliant. The ending is extremely over the top, colourful colour and imaginative, but I'm afraid no one but Vaughn’s hardcore fans will enjoy it. Dua Lipa in a gold dress is unreal. Unfortunately, I had a big problem with the casting of Bryce Dallas Howard, who didn't fit in at all, wWhich is a problem for obvious reasons. The with, the parody, the extreme authorial vision. I haven't seen anything like it in a long time. But Vaughn had the most fun since the first Kingsman, and it shows.


X-Men '97 - Season 1 (2024) (season) 

English Who would have thought that a series following my childhood memories could have so much to say about the world's current problems and settings. Don't get me wrong even thirty years ago the X-Men were very progressive, but they've matured in an incredible way with this series. They tapped into newly released comics and knowledge of what today's audiences like (Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America and many many more appear) and wrapped a story around the fact that saving the future at the expense of the present is not cool. Magneto is an incredible boss and steals the entire series for himself.

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