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Esprit Fantomes

gudaulinEsprit Fantomes(2002) 

English Clearly inspired by Disney, whether in artistic style or content. It's mass-produced merchandise for anonymous masses of children worldwide. Overall impression: 40%.

Angelina Ballerina

gudaulinAngelina Ballerina(2001) 

English Horrible graphics and subpar computer animation, kitschy and overly pink content aimed at girls who like playing with Barbies... Overall impression: 15%.

Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends

gudaulinThomas the Tank Engine & Friends(1984) 

English From among the series of foreign animated shows for the youngest audience, Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends represents the better, more creative, and more poetic part. Overall impression: 65%.

Vražda v zastoupení

gudaulinVražda v zastoupení(1987) 

English If I recall correctly, this is the second television adaptation, or rather the first of two television adaptations, of the novel of the same name. Unfortunately, the Brno studio didn't deliver; it's a lackluster affair lacking tension, some interesting moments, characters, and plot lines from the novel are missing, and especially the ending feels truncated for television. Overall impression: 40%.

Dalziel and Pascoe - Fallen Angel

gudaulinDalziel and Pascoe - Fallen Angel(2006) 

English In terms of crime drama series featuring two investigators, it's more of an average piece that doesn't stand out in any significant way. Overall impression: 55%.



English A banal folklore tale made bearable by the cast - this type of television production was typical at the beginning of normalization, seen as ideal escapism by the leadership of Czechoslovak Television. It features cheap-looking sets and a half-page script stretched out to 20 minutes. Overall impression: 30%.

Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure

gudaulinSea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure(2007) 

English Well, the premise is appealing, and the 3D effects are there, but even a documentary of this kind needs a solid screenplay and a compelling story, which was somewhat lacking in Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure. Overall impression: 55%.



English Typical Guy de Maupassant with his biting critique of contemporary morality. The bourgeois and aristocrats of his era, along with their wives, are portrayed as weaklings, debauchees, and above all, incredible posers. The television adaptation is only average; some roles, such as the doctor played by Rovenský, are really miscast. Furthermore, I really dislike Miroslav Etzler as the notorious womanizer; he turned me off from seeing him in soap operas. Overall impression: 55%.

Starý Burgunďan

gudaulinStarý Burgunďan(1966) 

English A short story, more of a longer anecdote, about how two hobos accidentally apprehend two criminals and are rewarded with a financial sum that threatens to pull them from their established and beloved lifestyle to a place with clean sheets and restrictive care. However, it's superbly cast and excellently acted. Bohuš Záhorský and Jaroslav Marvan deliver a true acting showcase. Overall impression: 80%.



English A television short story that could easily be made on a TV network today, with a few more vulgarities added. It's a naive comedic tale about a hairdresser infatuated with a famous singer and a case of mistaken identity. It would be more believable if the hairdresser were a teenager just out of training, because the position of an adult woman playing a teenager comes off as awkward rather than funny due to overacting. As for Josef Laufer, playing an engaged producer of normalization-era songs, it's not my cup of tea. Overall impression: 40%.

Křišťálová noc

gudaulinKřišťálová noc(1966) 

English Today, this TV play is valued more for its cast, as most of the acting legends of that time are either no longer with us or retired. However, back then, it was considered one of the dramatic peaks of theatrical production at the time. It portrays a day in the life of a family clan dominated by the strong-willed Marie Vášová, offering a glimpse into the conflicts among the members of a dysfunctional family, where hatred, envy, and bitterness accumulate. Václav Voska plays a self-centered literary author in a creative crisis, while Vladimír Šmeral portrays a somewhat weak husband who defers decision-making to his more determined partner. Overall impression: 75%.

Zdaleka ne tak ošklivá, jak se původně zdálo

gudaulinZdaleka ne tak ošklivá, jak se původně zdálo(1987) 

English In this case, the director's role isn't as important as that of the screenwriter, Oldřich Daněk. His moralistic television stories have a distinct theatrical character, but the essence lies in the dialogues, which Daněk excelled at. Four fictional dialogues from ancient history, which almost certainly didn't happen as Daněk portrays them, but the same could be said about his other works. What matters is that they evoke the right emotions and delve into the most important character traits: justice, truth, honor, the abuse of power, love, friendship, and much more. Overall impression: 90%. Moreover, it's an acting showcase by two Czech acting legends.

Konečná stanice

gudaulinKonečná stanice(1981) 

English A rather depressing film about old age and ways to cope with it. It's interesting in terms of the casting and the authentic performances by the actors. Overall impression: 55%.

Big Fat Liar

gudaulinBig Fat Liar(2002) 

English Pop culture packaged cheaply for slightly older children who are no longer interested in animated series... Overall impression: 20%.

Sun, Hay, Erotica

gudaulinSun, Hay, Erotica(1991) Boo!

English One of those pseudo-comedies from the early 90s that tested the limits of how much tastelessness Czech audiences could bear and what Czech commercial cinema should look like. Overall impression: 10%.

Generál Eliáš

gudaulinGenerál Eliáš(1995) 

English In terms of screenplay and direction, it's not an exceptional piece, but it features a quality cast and, above all, it is strong thematically. General Eliáš is a forgotten figure in Czech national history. A courageous man with a tragic fate. It is a good thing that this TV play reminded us of him. Overall impression: 70%.

Fantozzi subisce ancora

gudaulinFantozzi subisce ancora(1983) 

English Noticeably weaker than the first installment, with the humor occasionally slipping into awkwardness. However, it's still somewhat watchable within the genre of Italian screwball comedies. Overall impression: 40%.

V hlavní roli Gustáv Husák

gudaulinV hlavní roli Gustáv Husák(2008) 

English The theatrical segment is unnecessary and in this form, it distracts and delays. The film should have had a shorter runtime and stuck to statements from collaborators, historians, and family friends, confronting them with facts. The documentary provides a lot of information, but its quality fluctuates. Overall impression: 55%.