The Killing Fields of Dr. Haing S. Ngor

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USA, 2015, 87 min

Directed by:

Arthur Dong


Arthur Dong


Arthur Dong


Mark Adler


Haing S. Ngor (a.f.)


This deeply moving documentary about the life of physician-turned-actor Haing S. Ngor explores the Cambodian holocaust through the prism of his personal experience. Ngor was cast as photojournalist Dith Pran in the Oscar-winning film The Killing Fields, chronicling Pran's escape from the atrocities; he brought a stark emotional realism to the role based on his own survival of the Khmer Rouge's campaign of terror. Combining archival footage with readings from his subject's autobiography, interviews of relatives and friends, and animation segments, director/producer Arthur Dong traces Ngor's endurance through four years of torment and torture while touching on his success as an actor, his social activism on behalf of his homeland, and his 1996 murder at the hands of Asian gang members in Los Angeles—a tragedy that continues to rivet conspiracy theorists. (Denver International Film Festival)