Take Me to the River


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Matt Sobel, in his first feature, creates a world wrought with secrets, misinterpretations, and subtext. Ryder, an artsy teenager, travels from California with his parents, Don and Cindy, for a family reunion in Nebraska. Upon their arrival, Ryder's impish nine-year-old cousin, Molly, leads him to a barn to show him a bird's nest. What happens behind barn doors makes Ryder the sudden target of suspicion and unearths a long-buried family secret. Ryder and his parents are ill-equipped to handle the fallout; Cindy, in particular, does her best to remain positive. Ultimately, Ryder must come to terms with the truth on his own. (Sundance Film Festival)


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English I can't help but feel that even though the film didn't actually say or reach anything conclusive, at least on the burning question you were waiting for, I simply didn't feel deprived of anything by the end. It’s another one of those slower films where it seems like nothing is happening, but in reality, too much is happening. And some scenes are quite disturbing, yet I didn't leave the movie with a bad feeling. ()

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