Too Young To Die! Wakakušite šinu

  • Japan TOO YOUNG TO DIE! 若くして死ぬ (more)


Even before the bus in which he was sitting falls into the ravine, 17-year-old Daisuke has already put in an appearance in hell. There, the singer of a local rock band made up of three demons with black-lined eyes and horns on their heads, lists all the sins he has committed. For instance he once borrowed a cable and gave it back all knotted up. And he committed suicide: a deadly sin. (International Film Festival Rotterdam)


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English Here's the thing about Kudō Kankurō. Some of his comedic antics don't sit well with me and seem a bit too over the top; on the other hand, he has some works whose hilarity suits me and I enjoy them. This is exactly the case with Too Young to Die! It's kind of that fast-paced and imaginatively subtle Japanese humor, only spiced up with rock and guitar solos. Basically, I watched one hell of a musical and enjoyed it. The idea of hell was so typical, but that heaven! There are some interesting ideas in the film, the film felt very fresh to me and I enjoyed the acting. I even laughed out loud at some of the scenes. Of course, once again the film gathers its breath for the grand finale before the end, but the viewer can't leave unsatisfied because you get it all – comedy, romance, indomitable spirit, and drama. Of course, all of this comes wrapped up in absurdist garb that may not suit everyone. If Japanese humor doesn't do much for you, this isn't your cup of tea, but the main character goes to hell! Where Nagase Tomoya is playing! And I just loved it! An improved 4 stars. ()

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