A Christmas Kiss II

(TV movie)
  • USA Another Christmas Kiss
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Jenna Kingston didn't go into work expecting to be swept off her feet. But when a handsome stranger encounters her in the elevator and notices the mistletoe hanging above them, sparks fly as he leans in for a kiss. There's just one problem: Jenna learns that this man is Cooper Montgomery, older brother of her boss Mia Montgomery, owner of Trend Fashion. And since Cooper is technically half owner as well, that means he's also Jenna's boss... and Cooper has just developed a new interest in the company. It isn't long before Cooper is relentlessly pursuing Jenna. But Jenna is hesitant to engage-- Cooper is a renowned playboy who leaves a string of broken hearts wherever he goes. Convinced that he views her as nothing more than a challenge, Jenna rebuffs Cooper's advances. But she can't deny the electricity she feels whenever he's around, and Cooper is adamant that he's no longer the lothario he used to be. But can Cooper truly turn a new leaf and be a one-woman man? Or is Jenna on the road to getting her heart broken just before the holidays? (Marvista Entertainment)