The Legend of Longwood

  • Germany Die Legende der weißen Pferde
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Mickey Miller is a modern 12-year-old American girl whose great love is horses and she's been forced to move with her family to start a new life in a run-down mill she has inherited in Longwood, a windswept Irish town at the end of the world... Their arrival in Longwood coincides with the return of the Black Knight, a legendary ruler who found no peace after his baby daughter was taken from him, and whose appearances have always meant something evil is going to happen to the villagers. Mickey can hear and see things others can't and forms a bond with Silver, the most untamable horse of a nearby castle and sets out to redeem the knight so as to bring lasting peace to Longwood. (Zlín Film Festival)


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English A childhood adventure in possibly the most beautiful European scenery, where you could happily look for dragons, harpies or centaurs, is in this case overshadowed by the filmmaking failure. ()

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