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A young teen (Lola Petticrew), bedridden with an unnamed disease, finds herself unable to breathe and struggling with overwhelming anxiety. Her mom (the fine Julia Louis-Dreyfus) is in denial, emotionally remote and in serious financial trouble. Enter a strange and searingly lovely being, an angel of sorts, determined to help manage the girl’s suffering. Daina O. Pusić’s wildly imaginative debut feature provides a sophisticated blend of horror, tenderness, tragicomedy, fairytale and philosophical insight so thrilling that you’ll wonder whether to laugh or cry. The girl’s explosive emotions and uncontrollable appetites give rise to astounding bodily transformations (the film, in addition to all else, conjures many exhilarating visual spectacles, with a sensibility that Lewis Carroll might appreciate). Sometimes the fantastical is a way of looking more closely at our reality, and it is just when tragedy is knocking that we might discover an unexpected burst of magic. (Telluride Film Festival)


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English Contemplation of life and death by talking to Death, embodied by a digital bird – sometimes small enough to fit in your ear and sometimes as big as a movie monster. And that’s just the beginning. The initial wonder of “what kind of film is this?" gradually subsides, giving rise to a predictable allegory of saying goodbye to a loved one and coming to terms with their loss. But why did the film’s creator choose such a naïve and childishly literal path? Similar to the flop Three Thousand Years of Longing, Tuesday is a bizarre, fantastical film that viewers may or may not like, as they see fit. [Miami FF] ()

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