We Are Zombies

  • Canada Nous, les zombies (more)


A peculiar revisiting of the zombie genre: here, instead of a bloodthirsty horde, the undead are a peaceful and oppressed collective, whose social integration is fought for by a group of activists, and whose subalternity is taken advantage of by certain heartless people. The protagonists of the film will find themselves caught up in this conflict of wills, forced to fight against a megacorporation in order to save their grandmother. (Sitges Film Festival)


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English Dead people all over the world are starting to turn into zombies. It would be a motif we've seen hundreds of times before, but the reanimated corpses in this film don't crave human flesh and killing, they just peacefully remain in this world and begin to be a nuisance to society by their presence. It's a hearty idea that almost begs for some type of social satire, but that's not what they were going for here at all, and so they serve up a simple comedy with stodgy characters trying to make the best of the situation. Out of the two films by the RKSS creative team this year, We Are Zombies is the lesser quality, less substantial and probably hastily spliced film, but as an over-the-top, unpretentious comedy it probably won't offend anyone. ()

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