The Niyodo River: A Symphony in Blue

(TV movie)
  • Japan Niyodogawa: Ao no shinpi
Japan, 2012, 49 min

Directed by:

Yûki Saitô


The Niyodo River is famed in Japan for its incomparable water quality and clarity. The clear blue color of its waters, known as "Niyodo blue," never loses its sparkle all the way down to the mouth of the river. Along its banks, children squeal with delight as they play in the river while fishermen remain absorbed in catching Ayu sweetfish. This long-rooted connection between the people and the river still continues today. The secrets behind this clear running river begin in the mountainous hillsides, which make up 95% of the river basin. The river's great differences in elevation account for the fast flowing current, which cleanses the riverbed. Using the most advanced cameras, the scenery of Niyodo River, upstream and downstream throughout the four seasons, was captured revealing its beautiful mysteries. (official distributor synopsis)