Foto na dokumenty

(TV movie)
  • Ukraine Фото на документы (more)


When Ania and Vlad married they were impoverished students living in Moscow, surviving on love alone. Now five years on, they both have prestigious jobs and live in a nice flat. Although Vlad gives Ania expensive gifts and treats her to exotic holidays, she believes that their feelings towards each other have died, and so she leaves for Kiev on the pretence of a business trip but actually to put some distance between them while sorting out her feelings. Ania finds Kiev in May a romantic city - with dazzling spring colours, blooming chestnut trees, the intoxicating smell of lilac, cobbled streets offering romantic walks and a handsome young photographer whom she keeps bumping into. They become acquainted and soon find they have a lot in common. Ania fancies herself in love but when her husband comes to visit her in Kiev, Ania has to decide whether to plunge into a new romance or try to find new depths in her old relationship. (Star Media)