Natasha Konopliova works as nurse at a hospital. She lives together with her mother, modestly but with dignity. Having raised Natasha as a single parent, her mother tries to instil the best human values in her daughter - honesty, determination and a responsible approach to her work. She wants to avoid any influence from Natasha's good-for-nothing father, an alcoholic who will do anything to get his next drink. After splitting up with her husband, Natasha's mother had taken to her bed and lost the ability to walk as a result of the stress caused by the break-up. Natasha's boss, who is head of the department where she works, allows his 'best nurse' to take her mother to their hospital for treatment. Natasha tries to get help from her father, but he cheats on her yet again and steals her wages. Meanwhile, in another part of the city lives Lera Kuzina, the daughter of wealthy parents. Lera lacks self-control, and her parents continue to spoil their daughter, showering her with money. Nightclubs are her favourite places, where she indulges her habits of vodka and drugs. One day, when a delirious and desperate Lera is about to jump from her balcony, Natasha, who happens to be passing by, saves her life. Fate has somehow thrown our two heroines together, giving them an opportunity to help each other and sort out their problems once and for all. (Star Media)