Suddenly My Thoughts Halt

  • Portugal Pára-me de repente o pensamento
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Portugal, 2014, 98 min

Directed by:

Jorge Pelicano


Jorge Pelicano


Jorge Pelicano
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A cup of coffee, a cigarette. A coin, another cup of coffee. Patients roam the halls. They walk alone. Waiting. Another smoke, a burning cigarette. Therapies that appeal to the senses. Routines that pull them back to reality. It's life repeating itself at psychiatric hospital spaces'. Lucidity and madness live together. From the outside world comes an actor in search of his character for a theatre play, diving into the inner world of schizophrenia. Patients are part of the creation of the character. Amidst the haze, the actor finds a poem by Ângelo de Lima, an alienated. The theatre character is born. Cinema documents it. (official distributor synopsis)