In 1924 Mikhail Ostanin, a young officer in the Cheka, receives crucial information that the invasion by the White Russian emigrant troops of the USSR prepared by British Intelligence will take place in the next two months. Striking simultaneously in Central Asia, Bessarabia and the Baltic Region, the main thrust will be deployed from Poland. The leaders of the OGPU (Joint State Political Directorate) assign Ostanin an impossible mission: to prevent the invasion by becoming a confidante of General Romovsky, commander of the operation and the future Supreme Governor of the annexed territories in Belorussia and Ukraine. After joining a gang of smugglers, Ostanin arrives in Poland where Romovsky's troops are already positioned. Taking the name of his childhood friend, Janusz Galetsky, a Pole and White Army officer who was killed during a battle against the Reds in South Russia, after multiple checks, Ostanin-Galetsky succeeds in becoming an agent to Colonel Segunda, the head of Romovsky's Counterintelligence, and is later promoted to Officer for Special Missions under Romovsky himself. Ostantin cannot afford for anything to compromise the mission, including a beautiful young girl who has stolen his heart, but with the net closing in, Ostantin finds himself in the impossible position of having to choose between love and duty. (Star Media)