After eighteen happily married years Katia's life suddenly falls apart when her husband Mark dies while away on a business trip. The investigation into his death reveals a double life and another woman, Nina, to whom he had already been married for two years. Nina had not the least suspicion that Mark had another family and feels angry and betrayed, as she was about to give up her successful career to start a family with him. Katia, who had long ago given up her own career to look after her children and 'beloved husband', shares her feelings. When Roman, Mark's brother returns from a long trip abroad, his efforts to reconcile the two women fail. At the same time, he and Nina become close but, after Mark's treachery, Nina is not ready to fall in love again. Instead, she wants to use him to get pregnant and have the child that she has desired for so long. Meanwhile Katia begins to rebuild her life. She starts dating again and, finding common ground with her teenage son, finally returns to work. Slowly, Nina and Katia let go of their pasts, overcome their mutual hostility and begin to look forward to the future. (Star Media)