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Adam, a small-town mechanic, decides it's time to tell his friends and family he's gay. Will his straight-as-an-arrow best bros have his back? A lighthearted and unexpectedly subversive comedy about coming out of the blue-collar closet. (Gravitas Ventures)

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English Not only is it quite challenging to find the right girl, but 4th Man Out tries to show us that it's also challenging to find the right guy. It's not easy being gay - as I learned today, some teachers still teach that it's a disease - and so the main character doesn't have it easy. And he presents it in an annoying and unfunny comedy, which is actually a mediocre romance. ()


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English A nicely made easygoing film with more than one humorous moment. It might no offer anything unseen in the genre, but makes up for it with its laid-back atmosphere and mostly grounded and believable performances. Alongside the comic scenes, there were a few more serious sequences, of which I'd like to highlight Adam's conversation with his parents after the coming out. P.S. Jon Gabrus looks like a younger version of Jack Black! + How did Chris know which car to damage? ()


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