Library Wars: Book Of Memories

(TV movie)
  • Japan Tošokan sensó: Book of Memories (more)

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English A bit of a dramatic detour between the first and second installments of Library War. We meet the protagonist's parents, we get a little insight into what her best friend is actually doing, and who her ex-suitor's brother is. But most importantly, we get to explore the love life of Komaki, played by the darling Tanaka Kei. Basically, although some drama is avoided, this is a pretty cool bridge between the action-packed ending of the first film and the dark second film. This special isn't a must-see, but if you like the gang, or perhaps any of the actors or actresses – and that there's a lot to choose from – go for it. It's not long, it's paced well, and the story is actually pretty good. A better 3 stars. ()