Ellia, 24, hasn't seen her family in years, not since her twin brother passed away. She moved from the small wine town to Melbourne, leading an anonymous life and relying on the comfort of alcohol. Her only link to her old life is her father Robert and her love of wine. But when Robert is killed in a freak accident at the family winery, Ellia is forced to return home to attend his funeral. Drunk and exhausted, Ellia arrives home to find her family fractured and the vineyard in serious debt. Her brother Zac is withdrawn and troubled, her sister Harriet is overwhelmed with work and her mum Sophie appears to be having an affair with her Uncle David. Robert's death has been ruled a murder and her mother Sophie is the prime suspect. Angry at her mother and confused by her father's death, Ellia is compelled to stay to find out what happened. As she starts to delve deeper into her family's secrets, she realises that her father wasn't the man she thought. He was neglecting the family and the business and was a terrible drunk. Maybe Sophie finally snapped and killed him? Maybe David, out of love for Sophie is the culprit? Maybe it was the vineyard foreman Ivan who didn't get along with Robert? Whoever it is, no one in this town wants her to be there. But Ellia is determined to find out why. (Montreal World Film Festival)


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English The father has passed away, and the daughter must return to the vineyard to bid him farewell one last time, but perhaps also to uncover the truth about what happened in the place of her childhood while she was away for so long. Maybe all is not as it seems and maybe the father was murdered. But by whom? It could almost have been suspenseful, but it's not. It was rather boring. ()