Canada Above and Beyond: 100 Years of Aviation

  • Canada Pour l'amour du ciel : 100 ans d'aviation au Canada
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Canada, 2009, 4x50 min


The CBC and Radio-Canada have joined forces to produce a four-part dual language documentary series to commemorate the centenary of flight in Canada. In just 100 years, Canadian aviation has transformed the country and linked its citizens as never before. The series salutes not only the courage and the determination of those who participated in the odyssey of aviation in Canada but also relates the passion and the imagination of those who are now making history. This 3-disc dual language (English/French) DVD contains the complete four-episodes - First Flight, Conquering Geography, Lifelines, Dancing with Danger - plus over an hour of never seen before interview footage, and archival footage of the first ever flight of the deHavilland DHC-2 Beaver from 1947. (official distributor synopsis)