JerryMaya's Detective Agency - Stella Nostra

  • France Les Enquêtes de Jerry et Maya : Le mystère de Stella Nostra (more)


In the little village of Valleby, preparations for the upcoming wedding between café owners Dino Panini and Sara Bernard are in full swing. Dino Panini's family has just arrived from Sicily, and the detective duo, Lasse and Maja, is of course on hand to make sure that nothing goes wrong. Lasse becomes enchanted by Dino's little sister Focaccia, who is the most beautiful girl he's ever seen. Sara's family turns out to be the famous Biscotti family - long-time rivals of the Paninis. Lasse and Maja succeed in heading off a full-scale family feud, but in the tumult the Panini family jewels disappear from a locked, high-security safe guarded by the detectives themselves. It is by all appearances an impossible crime.
Lasse and Maja are working according to the theory that the Biscotti family must somehow be involved in the theft, but the detectives themselves soon become the prime suspects in the crime.
With both of the Mafia familes out looking for them, Lasse and Maja are forced to investigate the crime in secret and find the thief in order to clear their names. (Svensk Filmindustri)