Minami kun no Koibito ~ My Little Lover

  • Japan 南くんの恋人~my little lover (more)

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English From the very beginning I was thrilled that the main heroine is not the typical incompetent Shōjo heroine with no purpose in life (usually identifying it only in reference to her chosen one), but on the contrary Chiyomi has a dream of becoming a professional dancer and writes short stories in the evenings. Finally, the heroine is a person who has a life of her own, not just an object of love. Plus, she's portrayed by the lovely Yamamoto Maika, so I can't complain. Her love object wasn't bad either – he had his goals, past woes. And he was played by Nakagawa Taishi, so there was something to see. It's a typical relaxing series, the only unexpected thing it offers is that it shrinks the main character to the height of a Barbie doll and doesn’t have the main characters go wild at things as natural as kissing. This is a sweet high-school romance, with its weaker and stronger moments; overall it delivers on its promises – it doesn't bore you to death, it entertains you, and it doesn't beat you over the head with tone-deaf Shōjo stereotypes. The ending may be a bit rushed, but if you're a fan of the main duo, you can actually be supremely satisfied. A weaker 4 stars. ()