Wild Menu

Spain / China, 2014, 26x26 min


Feeding is one of the most important activities of animal life. Eating is the most basic, primitive instinct and is vital for survival and the cycle of nature. This series explores animals' eating habits on a whole new level, looking at favourite dishes, table manners, regular meal times and the amount of food they eat. This will give us an inside look into their most striking behaviours, how they relate to each other, their amazing physiology and some of the peculiar but vital anatomy of their bodies.
The series Wild Menu offers some amazing information spiced up with touches of humour: an original and tempting way of learning about the Natural History of our planet... bite by bite.
There are twenty-six delicious chapters to help us discover the nutritional properties of some of nature's strangest meals. The inside view of culinary habits of scavengers, how baby animals are fed and the advantages of the pollen and flower diet allows us to learn about a different world of food.
Episodes are organised under different topics connected with the world of cooking. These topics include diet, food preparation, use of utensils, table manners, flavours and textures. Though human-related, these concepts will be used to introduce and present the amazing features of animal behaviour. (official distributor synopsis)