Inspired by the Italian sex scandals of the Berlusconi era...Pier is a powerful and important Mogul who holds the power in his Country. Elegant, ironic and well educated, he has bizarre sexual instincts which are satisfied by his employee and once girlfriend, Romy. For him, she recruits men and women, with aspirations of success (musicians, directors, writers and businessmen), willing to become sex slaves. In Pier's childhood villa, they spend a few days satisfying his weird fantasies of sadism and bizarre perversion, in exchange for his advice and support to achieve their dreams of success. (Matchbox Films)


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English A disgustingly buck-passing film that thinks it's following in the tradition of great Italian directors, but in reality, it's just a pose that's afraid to go further, even though what's depicted blatantly calls for it. However, displaying a penis on screen is still a growing taboo even in Europe, which is quite absurd. The film is thus just a series of strange images that are not worth seeing. ()

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