Kitchen Boss

USA, 2011, 25 min

Directed by:

Michael Pearlman


David Vanacore


In popular series 'Cake Boss', Buddy Valastro proved he loves to bake! Now in new series 'Kitchen Boss' Buddy shows us how he also loves cooking, not just cakes! Buddy takes viewers into his kitchen, where he shares his favourite family and Italian 'Old World' dishes; cooking up everything from delicious pastas and mouth-watering meats, to sumptuous sides and everyday desserts, which the whole family can enjoy. All of these dishes are taken from his grandmother's secret recipes, old family recipes and his very own personal favourites. Best of all, they are easy to prepare, and presented with handy tips to make a truly delicious dish. Throughout this delectable series, various guests including members of the Valastro family will also join Buddy in his kitchen. (official distributor synopsis)