Bicycle Dreams

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Adventure / Family
Nepal, 2014, 70 min

Directed by:

Raju Gurung


Raju Gurung


Ian Chen
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This film follows two boys as they come of age in the ancient city of Kathmandu. Like kids the world over, they are pursuing a dream: an electric blue, 18-gear mountain bike. The boys can't possibly afford such a bike, but a poster offering a reward for finding a lost dog raises their hopes. The boys experience adventures and setbacks in their pursuit of dog and bike, through crowded alleys and marketplaces of the old city, into the inner sanctum of a prophetic seer, and to an abandoned temple where a "holy" man steals their money. Overwhelmed by obstacles, their friendship is tested. Through the pursuit of their dream, however, the boys discover what's really important in life – something bigger than the bicycle. (Zlín Film Festival)