(TV movie)
France / Belgium, 2014, 52 min


Ten-year-old Harry is growing up on a farm and he's obsessed with magic. His parents are his audience, the barn his theater. He's got a chance to take part in a contest during the unveiling of the Statue of Liberty in New York. But to do so someone famous has to vouch for him – someone like Nikola Tesla, for example, who happens to be passing through town. Harry charms him with his magical innocence and enthusiasm. Tesla decides to improve his skills and teach him the craft of fantasy. He takes him to New York where Harry spends time with the robot Amrold and Tesla's niece Beth. Harry meets his competition at the theater: Geoffrey, a talented young magician. He also meets two stagehands from the theater who take him to the home of the mysterious Sinheart, who offers to show him a trick that will dazzle audiences and let him beat Geoffrey. Harry carelessly accepts the offer, but doesn't realize what this will unleash. (Zlín Film Festival)