The Haunted



Animals are commonly thought to be more sensitive to the spirit world than humans are. Both in this world and beyond, animals have often been the focus of spirit encounters. Animal Planet's THE HAUNTED is a chilling brand new series that delves into the frightening true stories of animal and human hauntings. Experience real-life human and animal drama when Earthly beings meet the supernatural on THE HAUNTED.
How would you react if your dog started barking furiously at what seems to be an empty basement? What would you think if animals suddenly recoiled from the presence of your family member? Who would you believe - your dog, or your daughter? And what would you do? Welcome to the eerie world of THE HAUNTED, Animal Planet's brand new original, 10-part series.
THE HAUNTED tells the true stories of people whose animals act as mediaries to the afterworld. Often the subjects of the most intense paranormal hauntings, animals are commonly believed to be more sensitive to spirits than people are. Pets have been reported to act strangely in certain locations, and even towards certain people, indicating - as some believe - a supernatural presence. Hear the true stories of strange and unexplained occurrences on THE HAUNTED, documented by teams of paranormal investigators who were called in to examine and record these peculiar events. (official distributor synopsis)