New York - The World's Smallest Opera House

(TV movie)
  • France New York, le plus petit opéra du monde (more)
France / Germany, 2008, 52 min

Directed by:

Alessandro Cassigoli


This report takes a look behind the scenes of the world's smallest opera house, in the heart of New York.
People from all over the world long to make it in New York.. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.
That is precisely what Tony Amato, the son of an Italian butcher, thought when he came to New York in the 40s to realize his dream of owning an opera house. The house is 3 stories high and three windows wide. The hall feels no bigger than a living room, however its 107 seats are always sold out.
Tony Amato continues to be the center and linchpin of this miniature opera. Tony is barely 5 foot tall, with his sneakers and the small, wiry man seems to be held up by his pant-suspenders. His voice is persuasive, his eyes bright. He conducts, sings, jumps, laughs and grumbles all at once. At 88 years of age, Maestro Tony Amato is in the middle of the season's last production. (official distributor synopsis)