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A woman on a blind date has her life thrown into confusion and danger when her escort is slain by mob thugs. As the key witness to the murder, she becomes the responsibility of Robert Caulfield, a Los Angeles D.A., who must protect her so she can testify against the hit men, even though he doesn't trust her. Things go awry when a fellow cop gets killed, and the woman and the D.A. both find themselves on the run and headed for Canada to try to escape the killers. (official distributor synopsis)


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English Pure mediocrity, which would probably not interest anyone at all without Gene Hackman’s participation. The story is very simple. There are some very obvious mistakes in the film (the windshield of the car the central couple is fleeing in is broken by a branch, but then it's as good as new, in the next shot it's broken again, then again without a scratch...) that the director should have kept an eye on, the villains are completely bland... Yet it's all saved by the dogged Hackman, in whom the audience believes, and a few skillfully shot scenes. ()

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