The Roundup: Punishment

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While investigating a drug-trafficking app, “Monster Cop” Ma Seok-do and his team discover a connection between the app’s developer, who was murdered in the Philippines, and an illegal online gambling organisation. Meanwhile, in the Philippines, Baek Chang-gi is controlling the Korean online illegal gambling market and spreading terror with kidnap, assault and murder. His partner, the IT genius Chang Dong-cheol, is planning an even larger scheme in Korea itself. To put an end to the escalating threat, Detective Ma expands his operation by proposing an unexpected alliance… The fourth instalment in the Roundup series. (Berlinale)


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English The best and most acclaimed Korean franchise of our time, which maintains its quality standard for the fourth time! This time we have online gambling and Filipinos who like to swing knives. I found the storyline weaker than the previous episodes, but the action is again great and there is quite a lot of it. Don Lee is brilliant again, everyone flies two meters away and his fists are just awesome. The villain is good too; by the way, every episode of this series has a great villain and each time from a different Asian country and this Filipino with the knife does some very nice stunts, all the knife sequences have great choreography, he's very dangerous and makes some decent trouble. I really enjoyed the final fight on the plane. All in all, a great action ride with top visuals, a great Don Lee and amazing action, you just love it here or not. 8/10. ()